Who is Bernie Sanders and Can he Win?

Bernie Sanders has become the darling of the American left and to many people’s suprise is mounting a serious challenge for the Democratic candidacy in November’s election. Who is he? How did he get here? And can he win? Originally published at Read-About-This


South America’s Left Turn is Far from Over

With a series of scandals and setbacks affecting the left-wing governments of three of South America’s biggest nations – Brazil, Argentina and Venezuela – some commentators have proclaimed the end of the continent’s ‘left turn’ movement. Look a little deeper however, and a different story emerges. Most of the continent is still run by left-wing governments and circumstances in the big three nations are not necessarily related to a dissatisfaction with socialist policies. Originally published at Read-About-This


Who is Jeremy Corbyn and can he win?

Jeremy Corbyn has caused quite a stir in uk politics since becoming leader of the opposition. Who is he? What does he stand for? And maybe most importantly, can he win? – Originally published at Read-About-This

Christians in the Calais ‘Jungle’

Thousands of refugees are camping out amongst sand dune near the French town of Calais with the hope of smuggling themselves over to Britain on one of the trains or lorries. There is a sizeable Christian community living within the camp and this article focuses on their plight. Contains interviews and photos obtained during my visit to the camp. – Originally published by The Barnabus Fund


Syrian Christians in Calais disappointed by UK’s refusal to accept refugees already in Europe

For the Syrian Christians living in the ‘jungle’ camp in Calais, David Cameron’s announcement that he would only accept refugees still residing in the Middle East came as a disappointment. After making the long and dangerous journey to escape, not only Syria but also the persecution that Christians face across the Middle East, they have now see all legal routes to the UK blocked. Contains interviews and photos obtained during my visit to the camp. – Originally published by The Barnabus Fund


In Nicaragua, A Conflict Over Mining Near the World’s Second-Largest Rainforest

In the remote village of Rancho Grande in Nicaragua a Canadian mining company hoped to exploit gold deposits but faced fierce opposition from the local population. Lead by the fiery local priest, the inhabitants were worried about the pollution the mine would cause and were sceptical of the benefits the mine would bring them. Meanwhile anger at the government’s mining policies and the lack of development in the region has led to rumours of some people taking up arms and plotting wage a guerilla campaign. – Originally published at The Latin American News Dispatch

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