The Top 5 Most Spectacular Latin American Beaches

Latin America is blessed with more than it’s fair share of beautiful beaches. Here are five of the best.




1. Trinidade, Brazil


Halfway between the cities of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, and in the heart of Brazil’s ‘Atlantic Forest’ region, this spectacular beach has to be seen to be believed. Dense jungle covers rolling hills separated from the turquoise sea by a stretch of white sand. The village of Trinidade consists of a few wooden shacks making it a peaceful getaway from the nearby big cities.


2. Tayrona, Colombia



Accessible only by boat or a long muddy trek through jungle and across sand, Parque Tayrona is a national park with several outstanding beaches. Located on Colombia’s Caribbean coast, its isolation means it is possible to have a beach to yourself as few make the trip. Sleeping options are limited but hammocks are available to rent. Despite the country’s reputation, Tayrona is safe to visit and just one of the amazing attractions Colombia has to offer.


3. Mazunte, Mexico



Sheltered by cliffs, this little village is located on Mexico’s Pacific coast. Unlike the more popular beach destinations that Mexico offers, such as Cancun and Acapulco, Mazunte is refreshingly genuine and you won’t find resorts and crowds here. The beach itself is beautiful, with white sands split up by rock formations and water at the perfect temperature for swimming.


4. Playa Maderas, Nicaragua



Amongst the surfing community, this beach is famous for the perfect waves that roll up onto its shore, and it is common for the water to be packed with boards. Aside from its waves though, the beach is stunningly beautiful and is at once easy to access as well as far enough away to not be too crowded. The nearest town is San Juan del Sur where drinks flow and backpackers party all night. Playa Maderas makes an excellent day trip for those looking to rest after a long night.


5. Cahuita, Costa Rica



Costa Rica possesses many great beaches but arguably the best is found just outside the town of Cahuita. Located on the Caribbean coast, the people here are black and speak pidgin English. It feels more like Jamaica than Central America, and the laid back vibe is infectious. On the edge of town is the beach which is part of a protected national park. The white sand gives way to jungle and mangrove swamps teeming with wildlife and, if you grow tired of sunbathing, you can walk through the forest. It is almost impossible not to see monkeys, and you might even see the illusive sloth in its natural habitat.


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