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Travel writing was my first literary passion. Good examples of the genre can pick you up off your sofa and whisk you away to far away places.

Travel writing traditionally meant telling stories or providing information for guidebooks, but today it is finding a new home online, as more and more people take up blogging. While this is just a hobby for most, some people have managed to turn it into a full-time business and will even outsource the work to professional ghostwriters.

I have worked with a wide range of clients to produce travel writing which meets their needs and writing style. Whether it is hotel reviews, or flowery descriptions of exciting journeys, I have built up a body of experience and skills which enables me to create happy clients.


Previous Clients

Erika had recently launched a website and was looking for articles on the themes of ‘living in…’, and ‘travelling in…’. I was commissioned to write two articles and was given free rein to propose topics. I chose to write about my experiences in Potosi, Bolivia and the year I spent living in Leiden in the Netherlands.

“Max produced quality work with a very fast turnaround. I would highly recommend working with him.”

TAD is an Australian business which provides a variety of services including graphic design, marketing, and web design. Looking to branch out into selling photographic travel prints, they wanted a series of blog articles which would not only interest their readers, but also showcase the photos they had taken while on their adventures. I have written four articles for them so far covering countries as diverse as Japan and Sweden.

“Thank you Max for the quick turnaround. I am very satisfied with the quality of work. Will definitely use Max again in the future.” is a website which aims to provide information for people interested in learning more about the Central American country. It is run by a travel agency which was looking for content to help attract visitors to the website and promote their business. While not traditional travel writing, this project has required me to cover a variety of topics including the real estate market, the history of the flag, and how Costa Rica won independence. It also required me to use my SEO skills to help rank the articles on google. is an online guide to Asia’s vibrant bar and restaurant scenes. An Initiative of Hemisphere Media, it provides reviews of establishments from Hong Kong to Hanoi and all the bustling cities in between. I have written several reviews for the site, and these showcase my ability to create authoritative and colourful travel copy based on press releases and the notes provided by clients.

travel writer blog writing ghost writer website content



It goes without saying that if you run a successful travel blog, people expect you to be doing the writing. Sometimes however, professional bloggers turn to ghostwriters to help them create interesting and colourful articles, and to free up their time to work on the other aspects of running a business.

Being a ghostwriter can be a thankless task as you cannot put your name to your work. It is also however, extremely rewarding as you get to travel vicariously through the adventures of your clients. Perhaps the largest body of travel writing I have done to date has been ghostwriting for a well known blog. This has been an ongoing partnership which has seen me write fifty articles so far on hotels, restaurants, and tours all over the world.


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